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The name Natalini Flowers is synonymous with breathtaking floral arrangements where the elegance of traditional ideas mix happily with modern interpretations from the simplest to the grandest floral designs.

The flowers have always been a lifelong passion for Crispy Luppino, one that is firmly ensconced as one of her earliest and most cherished childhood memories. " I have always loved flowers," reminisces Crispy. " They remind me of the tender moments of my childhood when my father and I used to take long strolls along the river bank or the flower-stream path near our home."

While growing up in the dense, tropical climate of the Philippines, Crispy and her adoring father would often take long walks together. Walking hand-in-hand along the flower-strewn path with his eldest child, he delighted in plucking brightly colored Gumamela (Hibiscus) flowers straight from the bush and tucking them into her hair. The highly fragrant Sampaguita (Arabian Jasmine), the national flower of the Philippines  and Ylang-Ylang that had fallen to the ground were quickly gathered into their arms to near overflowing. The riverbank path was just as rich in its glittering array of treasures. There were sticks, leaves and shiny rough stones of all shapes and sizes. " I always had ways to work them into my creations." Back inside her bedroom, she artfully arranged 

the flowers in a unique array of jars, vases, and bowls, filling her room with great beauty and unforgettable secrets.


Nighttime ushered in its own exotic treasures. Outside Crispy's bedroom window, the sweet scent of the climbing vine, Dama de Noche, exploded around her. Soft breezes carried in the intoxication of Gardenias.


"I have always had a love affair with flowers. Their unique colors, textures, and their scents are so exciting. Their playfulness invites the butterflies and buzzing bees as if they're conversing in a language that is all their own." Crispy remembers, "When I was six years old, I was playing in our little flower garden. I found myself gazing at a flower call Alas Kwatro for its blooms only at a specific time. I never did see it happen. I tried to keep my eyes open for this magical event, but I think I must have fallen asleep."


Years later and with a family of her own, Crispy began to dream of a better life for her children. Life in the Philippines during those tumultuous years was very difficult. God answered her prayers and opened the door for her to come to America. In 1984, she arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, with $30 in her pocket. Before long, God orchestrated the many people she was to meet who would help her foster her dream of someday owning her own flower shop in America. Crispy gives God all the credit for bringing her to the great country in the world. She held on to God's promise that He had plans for her life. "In Matthew 19:26, Jesus said... With men, this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible" In December of 1984, Crispy arrived in San Francisco just in time for Christmas. She was bursting with hope for the dream and purpose for her life that God had planted in her heart.


Today, Crispy is the owner and designer of Natalini Flowers, a company known for its artistic flair, dramatic compositions, and personalized touch. For Crispy, every client is a special gift who deserves a unique and beautiful original creation, inspired by them, that is brought to fruition, straight from the heart.


Crispy gives all the glory to God. Not only was her lifelong dream realized in His perfect timing, but He has also allowed her to touch so many lives with His beauty. "I hope someday when I meet God, I want to thank Him for my Salvation for the flowers."

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